Creat Naija Records


The digital sphere just saw the launching of a brand that will change the outlook of mainstream digital processes with its unique brand placement and strategies. Creat Naija prides itself as Africa’s 1st Creativity Record Label with a resourceful network of professional creatives— writers, designers, photographers, IT professionals, etc. Creat Naija, despite recently launching, is currently in collaboration and working with the Oyo State Government, The Kuti Heritage Museum, and has a record of relationships with Indomie, Airtel, and Guinness Nigeria.

Creat Naija is open to collaborations, and would, as its main mission states, be creating a community where creatives and business owners can both thrive. Not to jeer much on the affiliations Creat Naija has, I’ll be moving on to list 5 reasons why you should work with Creat Naija, and the list will cover the benefits therein, for creatives and business owners.

1. Creat Naija as a Digital Creative Agency

Hiring creative agencies allows your business a lot of ease and a better look at assessment. It helps you focus your energy and time on the main business element. Creat Naija offers value to business owners at a very low cost, when you compare your expenses in training, managing, and onboarding another team. Most businesses rely on trial-and-error DIY approach, probably because they cannot afford creative agencies, and often, ignorant that the result is enough compensation. Consider hiring Creat Naija, and expose your business set up to a whole lot of fresh ideas, insights, creative approaches to marketing campaigns, and get measurable results.

2. Career Opportunity for Creatives


It is Creat Naija’s mission to cater for creatives and help them connect with clients. So if you’re a creative writer, photographer, designer, or offering any service with the touch of creativity, Creat Naija does not only need you, you also need Creat Naija. Working under the brand allows you a lot of flexibility like you’re working for yourself. You get to choose your working hours and leave yourself enough time to explore as creatives do.

3. Widest Network You’ll Find in Nigeria

In case you don’t know what I mean by the widest network in Nigeria, this means Creat Naija is a brand with talents spread across the country, and this places the brand at an advantageous position when the need for campaigns and publicity. arises. The definition of local is different for every brand and may mean an immediate community, city, or state. Creat Naija sees the whole of the country as its locality and can easily run services for clients regardless of what part of the country it is.

4. Creative Project Management

Handling projects with technical ideas and creative approaches is a virtue you won’t find everywhere. Creat Naija is setting the standards for problem-solving by cross-fertilizing, creativity, innovation strategy, craft, and technology. You can count on the resource of over the board professionals under Creat Naija to execute your projects.

5. The Power of 1 Idea

This is one strength of the brand. Imagine a group of people who can deliver exactly the energy required to breathe life into your ideas. The belief system here in Creat Naija, is that ideas are powerful, and the world is just one idea away from a revolution in business and technology. Managing talents, it is essential that every contributed idea counts, and this sets Creat Naija as a team that never runs out of ideas.


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