Your personal style is like the Peak milk slogan “it’s in you”. Asides that it evolves, it can never be taught. Imagine shopping with your friend and he sees a shirt and says “That is you!”, then you must have a strong personal style.When you have not found your style, you begin to try anything on. You try on a Cuban collar shirt because your favourite artiste wears it or try a midi skirt on because your favourite reality TV star wears it. Yes, it might look good on you but trust me, something is not right yet. The issue most people have is finding the style they fit in. How do you find your style? Here are 7 steps on how to do that.

1.Find your style icon

Who is that person you look up to when he is all dressed up? Sometimes, this can be a little bit confusing because you might like a bit of Ric Hassani and a dose of Idris Elba or a mix of Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. Do not panic, this is normal. To find out who your main influencer is, you can simply just save several images of both. You will start to see a collection of repeated patterns or styles that is your best.

2. Put your style into words:

From the photos, you should know what you like and do not like. Then, describe it; Classic, Eclectic?

3. Understand your body type

Consider your body—physique, age, skin tone. Like brown skin can pull off more vibrant colors. Write down things about your personality and body type. Have a look at various styles and decide which appeals to you the most.


4. Find out your favourite outfit

Which outfit do you wear that makes you want to see your crush right away or makes you take a hundred pictures. Put them together and look for how to create different versions of that look.

5. Identify the odd pieces

Take a look at your wardrobe and notice those pieces that never fit. You like them but they are just it. Avoid them. This is a matter of understanding your wardrobe. They are great clothes. Yes, but do you like wearing them? When was the last time you wore them? Which of those clothes were mistakes? These are questions you need to ask of yourself, to eventually end up with a wardrobe that makes you happy.

6. Understand your colors

Colours have psychological effects. You could start experimenting with colours and noticing the way they make you feel. You should know the colors that make you pop or calm. Considering your hair, shape, and skin tone, choose the best for you.

7. Do not stick to one look

Finding a style does not mean you should stick to one. You can still go out of your shell. Flatter yourself. Adopt a “try anything “ sometimes and take note of the ones you get complimented on. You never can tell.

In conclusion, wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself, embrace it, and refine it. There will be mistakes but this is part of learning. Style is fun, enjoy it.



Chuks June 26, 2020

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Mr Adegbite June 26, 2020

Nice! Eye Opening…. Keep it up

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