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Some days ago I shared my views about certain stuff on WhatsApp. Then the discussion went on to movies and I shared lists of some spectacular movies and my views on their directions and plots.

A lot of people just viewed the post without leaving comments, which was unusual. A quick check into the situation, I found out that nobody had seen any of the movies I uploaded when some of them were popular movies. I had to come to terms with it as a normal occurrence.

Thousands of great movies are released a year, it’s possible you haven’t seen the spectacular movies in this list. However, your chances are very high if you’re a cinephile. But I’ll still place my bet anyway, if you’ve seen all movies, claim your title in the comment section.


Ready or Not is the first on my list of spectacular movies. This 2019 horror-themed movie is about an orphan girl who found love in a rich guy who happens to come from a family of crazy, rich, psychotic, gamblers. The context of the movie deals with Spiritism and all manners of demonism wrapped in action and comedy. To the ordinary eyes it is just a horror movie but looking deep into the names of each character and what they epitomize, you’ll definitely want to watch the movie.


It’s a 2018 American science fiction, thriller movie, written by Chad St. John writer of 2012’s The Punisher, 2016’s London has Fallen and 2018’s Peppermint. The star lead of this movie is Keanu Reeves who starred as a neuroscientist violating all laws and orders of nature to be reunited with his family. If you love Sci-fi, you should probably see the movie.



A 2019 South Korean action movie, directed by Lee Hae-Jun and Kim Byung-Seo a 41-year-old director who was nominated for Grand Bell Award for Best Cinematography. The movie scenes are mostly CGI but it is so real that you will be caught up in it. The storyline is of a soon-to-be father, who was at his last days of military service and was sent to acquire nuclear warheads to stop a looming disaster, he met with one of the most dangerous criminal masterminds on his journey, their paths became interwoven and the movie spirals from there. It is a movie full of emotions, suspense, and action.

NOW YOU SEE ME (Film Series)

These series were written by Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin, and Edward Ricourt. The story centers on illusionists named “The Horsemen” who pull off impossible magical feats, the dark and cunning side to the story is that they are actual robbers. The movie has 2 series, the original and novel series “Now you see me” which aired in 2013, followed by “Now you see me 2” in 2018, a new part of the series “Now you see me 3” is set to be out in 2020. I will watch this series if I were you.


I’m particularly excited about this. This is one of the best movies I’ve seen. It has 2 hours 28 minutes of intense action, drama, twists, and plots. The story centers on Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who steals information from his targets by siphoning through their dreams, “Imagine entering into your friend’s dream and feeding on their subconscious to get real-life issues out of them” weird right? Directed by Christopher Nolen who majors in subconscious storylines, this film is a must-watch for movie viewers.



Destination Wedding made it to my list of spectacular movies you probably haven’t seen. I wrote about this romance/ comedy movie earlier this year. The 1 hour 30 minutes movie is a love story of two awkward people with differing personalities. Frank (Keanu Reeves) meets with Lindsey (Winona Ryder) and the rest of the story is set. Do you care to see the popular Keanu Reeves act funny and awkward? Then you should watch this movie.

BAD BOYS (Series)

“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, when they come for you” this is the theme song for this movie series. Bad boys for life (2020) a sequel to Bad boys (1995) is an epic action/comedy movie. This 1 hour 59 minutes movie is centered around Marcus (Nollywood star Martin Lawrence) “I’m literally pronouncing the Lawrence as he does with his funny accent” and Mike (Will Smith) who recently discovered his wife was in an entanglement. These two take on bad guys, drug syndicates, and all. The 2020 Bad boys for life gave an update on Mike, a big revelation is the core of this story, the movie is full of thrills.


The 2017 1hour 52minutes long thriller music movie is everything its name suggests. The movie contains, violence, strong language, etc. Ash Avildsen, the writer of the movie and CEO Sumeniar Records which produces heavy metal and electro-metal music is believed to have written the movie based on his thoughts on rock music. The movie exemplifies selling one’s soul to the devil and its repercussions. It features Spiritism and demonism, its twists and plots give one a thrilling sensation. The movie starred actors like Joh Bradley, Malcolm McDowell, Ben Bruce.



The 2017 sci-fi/action movie is about a particular family whose father defied the world order and secured his family. Families were allowed only a child due to overpopulation and were promised reunion with the stowed away children later in the future. Trouble erupts when the family’s secret came out in the open, this unfolded into a series of events. Directed by Tommy Wirkole and featuring actors like Adetomiwa Edun, Willem Dafoe, Glenn Claire, Clara Read, this movie is a must-watch for people obsessed with science fiction.


Last but not the least here is an award-winning Nollywood movie. The 2017 movie centers around Akande, a young graduate who battled with unemployment, underemployment, discrimination, and ethnic segregation. The informative comedy movie won the award for “Africa’s movie academy award for Best screenplay”. The movie shot in Nigeria featured actors like Frank Donga, Toyin Aimakhu, Ali Nuhu, Maryam Booth, and Rahana Sadan. The movie teaches perseverance, innovations, agriculture and agribusiness, drug abuse, and health care. The movie was directed by Oluseyi Amuwa, an award-winning, self-taught filmmaker. This movie is a must-watch.

Thank you for following this series of spectacular movies. I’d love your feedback and reviews, please comment below on movies you’ve watched among this listed and movies you will like to see their reviews. Till next time, love and light. Stay jiggy guys.


Yussuf August 9, 2020

Lemme goan watch Inception

Teniola August 10, 2020

Seen most of them sha except that John wick destination wedding and the Nigerian one there

Ojoele Timileyin August 10, 2020

Please watch it and kindly tell me what you feel about it

Ojoele Timileyin August 10, 2020

You should definitely watch it

Chuks August 10, 2020

I’ve not seen over 50% of these ..
*Runs to renew Netflix subscription*

Mr Lekky D August 11, 2020

I have seen all… *smiles

kresha August 11, 2020

“Now you see me” is really dope, the plot twist was nice asf.. I’ll go and watch the ones I haven’t seen.

Infajay August 11, 2020

I can’t find “COMA” here ????

Seyi August 11, 2020

Seen most of these movies but I’m excited to watch inception.

SirLake August 11, 2020

Lemme get the Destination Wedding ASAP

Tofunmi August 11, 2020

I love the message.
Nigerian graduates needs to see this.

Sam Mclntire August 11, 2020

Wow! Interesting movies. I’ll have to hurry and download.

Depo August 12, 2020

It’s so shocking that I’ve only seen two movies on this list… I need to chill out more

Fola August 12, 2020

Well done

Mariam August 13, 2020

Just downloaded Ready or not.

Socjologia February 10, 2021

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