Getting The Best Out Of Your Day

Generally, it is believed that the amount of rest you get the previous day is a major key to keeping you energized and active for the next day. The first step to having a great day is to have a proper sleep as it will help your body relax, repair and rejuvenate.

Sleep is vital for productivity because it enhances brain functions and improves our memory. It is also important for our overall health whether physical, mental or emotional.

There is an adage that says a goal without a plan is just a wish. This brings us to the second hack. You need a routine which serves as a guideline to help you through activities and manage your time effectively.

Planning makes you more organized and goal driven. It is more like a trick because your mind is focused on achieving your goals within the specific time range. Don’t just create a routine, ensure you follow it diligently and avoid distractions. Time is precious, make the most out of it.


A natural energy booster that keeps you strong and helps you function adequately. Research has proven that exercise can improve moods and make you happier. It also enhances brain health and memory. The interesting part is that your exercise does not have to be intense to enjoy the benefits. You sure want to start your day with happiness, healthy energy levels and positive vibes.

Eat Balanced Diet.

The popular saying is a hungry man is an angry man. Hunger has a way of messing up our moods which may negatively affect our outputs. You have to pay homage to your stomach by eating, not just eating but eating healthy.


Your food choice has a lot to do with how you function each day so be kind enough to eat balanced diet as it is the fuel that keeps the body running. It provides your body with nutrients which helps to maintain energy levels, improves healthy living and most importantly keeps you satisfied. Remember that a balanced diet involves drinking water.

Do The Things You Love

Ask yourself, what is that one thing you love to do? As for me, I love to dance a lot. I’m not a good dancer but dancing just has a way of making me feel alive no matter how good or bad my day is. The point I am trying to make here is that doing the things that we love and enjoy can positively impact our day.

It could be singing, watching movies, playing the guitar, talking or drawing. You don’t have to wait until it is weekend before you do these things. Incorporate them into your everyday lifestyle and see how happy you get.

Do Not Overwork.

George Burns said “if you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension” You are human and not a computer. Be attentive to your body and take a break when you notice that your energy level is getting low.

Most times we tend to work above our limits in a bid to accomplish our tasks but remember that it is only healthy bodies that are productive. Save yourself the stress and take some time to rest. Also, no man is an island. It is okay to ask for help when necessary.

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These are the basic principles on getting the best out of your day. It is advisable to find what works best for you and abide by it because your daily approach to living affects your lifestyle in the long run. Don’t wait, make memories today and celebrate your life.

Embrace positivity, love yourself, appreciate your progress and never give up when things don’t go as planned.

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Chuks August 24, 2020

“Do not overwork” ????????

Mr Lekky D August 25, 2020

Do the things you love … Creativity and Audacity ✍️????????

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