7 ways to make better decisions

Better decisions are essential to the improvement we seek as humans. Decision making is one thing we find ourselves doing consciously or unconsciously. You’ll always find yourself picking between two or more options, as long as your heart still pumps blood and your brain processes information.

You made a decision to click on the link that brought you here, continuing this article or leaving at this point is also a decision your mind is contemplating at the moment.

Since we can’t do without decision making, it is only right to ensure we make better decisions more often than not. This article is here to help you with 7 proven ways to make better decisions. They include:

Avoid Pressure

Rash decisions most times end up in regret. This reason is why you need to rest a little and be calming down before making decisions. It affords you the time to put all necessary factors into consideration and greatly reduces the possibility of contrition.

Therefore, it’s vital to avoid making decisions under duress. Ensure you keep a relaxed state of mind and totally avoid pressure when you’re about to make important decisions.

Clear Your Mind

A clouded mind is a recipe for bad decision making. To make better decisions, ensure your thoughts are not overshadowed by your emotions. Ensure your mind is as clear as possible, and be opened to different options. That way, you can make unbiased and better decisions.

Consider Different Options

There’s a need for you to put every available option into consideration before choosing the one to go for. Analyse the best positive outcome and the worst that can happen. This way you’re more likely to make better decisions than a terrible one.


Consider Long-term Effect

Considering the long term effect of your decisions, It helps you ensure that there’s no such occurrence as future regrets. Some decision always seems right in the present moment, but later turns out negative in the long run. This reason makes it vital for you to consider the futuristic effect your decisions may bring. Doing this is even more vital when it comes to decision making in businesses and other important aspects of life.

Face Your Fears

Most of the time, we end up making wrong decisions due to our fears. The fear of people’s reaction or acceptance, the fear of not wanting to fail, etc. All these stall our decision making process, and in the long run, we might end up on the wrong side of our judgement.

This is why you should ensure you eliminate your fears before making that decision. Don’t make decisions with doubts and uncertainty in your minds. Face your fears and be ready to accept where it leads you.

Seek Advice

Seeking advice is another way to make better decisions. You don’t necessarily need to follow all the advice you’re given, it should only serve as a guide to make your decisions. Reason in the direction of each piece of advice and identify the loopholes that lie therein, this would help you shape your decision to become almost foolproof.

Take Sole Responsibility

Be prepared to accept and take responsibility for any result your decision brings forth. This helps you build confidence and eliminates fear when making decisions. Since you know you’ll be solely responsible for the decisions you take, you tend to be more careful and approach decision making with shrewdness.


Putting all the above-mentioned ways into consideration helps you a great deal in making better decisions. Since we can’t live without making decisions, it is only right we do it properly to yield the desired results.


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