8 proven ways to generate content ideas
How do you generate content ideas? Let’s begin with that. Do you have a specific activity or some sort of ritual that precedes that moment or the idea just comes.

Content marketing and all the activities that border around it remain one of the top lead generation tools we have today. Hence, the demand for contents but then “content is scarce”. Personally, I’m of the opinion that everything has been created, content creators are only here to reinvent the ideas. 

I’m not talking about plagiarism here. The rudiments of content creation just boils down to how much information, idea, or concept you have stored in your subconscious. However, there are several ways to generate content ideas, I have helped you with eight. Read on.

1. Brainstorming Session

When you bring a team of likeminds for a collective goal, things are bound to happen. Ideas will stem from the collective energy channeled towards it. You get to utilise different perspectives in shaping the final idea. If you have problems with generating content ideas, muster a team of  creatives and have a brainstorming session. Problem solved like credit alerts.

2. Competitors Research

This method utilises the rudiment of content creation mentioned earlier— which is reinventing an idea. It is basically borrowing the idea of a competitor and using it as a guideline. Doing this gives you useful insight into the process, and it’s utilization. Plus it’s already a published content, so you’ll gain information as to how well the content performed.   

3. Connect With Your Audience

Knowing what your audience wants should be enough to generate content ideas. Make constant interaction with your audience via email, social media or your website. Keep tabs on your engagements and request for suggestions on what your audience wants to read from you. You might be saving yourself a lot of headache.

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4. Explore

  Explore various hubs and discussion forums relating to your need. The spark to the idea should be somewhere. Some of the popular places to search and research your content ideas include issuu, ubersuggest, buzzsumo, hubspot, pinterest, etc.

5. Re-purpose your content

Convert contents you’ve previously done into video or other formats or even post them on other platforms. It expands the creativity efforts for your content and exposes you to untapped dimensions. It’s appropriate to call this regenerating content ideas.

6. Interview

Interviews come off as a generic content. Reach out to experts in other fields—preferably one that your audience finds interest in—for an opportunity to interview them. This is how How To Create Content Without Stress 101.

7. Use Trends

Your contents perform well when you create them with trends. Follow up on latest updates and trends, you’ll almost have no trouble with generating ideas. It’s what everybody wants to see at that moment. 

8. Google Search

Google is a useful resource you can put into use. Run a google search and find out what people are pushing out. Google is the traditional resource for all contents search and research. It has a dedicated tool Keyword Planner that provides SEO guidance and insight into what contents people are publishing.

I just gave you new ways to generate content ideas. Kindly tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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