Last year, we embarked on the journey to expand our reach to other countries in Africa apart from Nigeria. We commenced on a short film project  that was shot last year in Kenya and released this year in Nigeria , The short film project was done with the Members of our Creat Kenya Campus ambassadors community ,the Kenyan Government, Kenya Cultural Center and other exciting Kenyan creatives.

Our goal is to change the African Narrative through Creativity & to build a sustainable platform for all African Creatives.

Africa is inarguably the continent with the most talented creatives due to her massive youth population. Regrettably, this talents stay untapped and lay waste. To correct this mayhem came Creat! Naija, Africa’s first creativity record label.

Creat creativity Limited (trademark- Creat! Naija) is a platform established to assist brands and creatives in gaining recognition, placement and sustained improvement. Creat Naija offers a variety of services ranging from branding, public relations, advertising, talent management, promotion, content generation, graphics, photography, videography to mention a few.

Knowing that Nigeria is a single country in Africa there is need to spread out if this goal must be successfully implemented. Hence the trip to Kenya, a South-Eastern part of the continent. Our Creat Naija representatives visited Kitengela and Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya, where they had access to Young Creatives.

Fun Fact about Kenya

  1. No plastic bags

Manufacture purchase or use of plastic bags are prohibited it has been illegal since 2017 offenders are fined for as much as $38000 or serve four years in jail.

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2. Kenyans business spirit

They have a very fascinating sense of business. Despite the curfew restrictions folks were still able to pull off business as usual.

3. No cars allowed

There is a place where cars cannot be used called the island of Iamu. The island is as far as the 12th century and is used by UNESCO as a World heritage site. Means of movement there are donkeys boots, leg walks.

4.  Food

Not to forget the mouth-watering delicacies prepared in places like kitengela named Motura and Mbuzi.

5. Migration

Another fun fact is that Kenya is home to the largest migration on land. Over 200,000 zebras and 1.5 million wildebeests travel 800 km.

Also aside the high-rise beauties, the first similarities you discover between Nairobi and Lagos Nigeria is the traffic.

According to the Guide who led Creat! Naija representatives, the best place to meet Creatives is at the cultural centre. One of the creatives they came in contact with were Filmmakers, who accredits that they are not to be compared to other African Countries like Nigeria, Ghana, as they are still learning in filmmaking. One of them, Brian Asisua, said it becomes very tasking where the production include special effects as they have no expertise compared to the aforementioned African countries. Kenya can be described as a beautiful place, having been there and interacted with some of their Creatives. As the Creative Visual Director, Tevi Craig said; “Great View, Great People, Great Food… The city was worth the trip!”


Our goal is to change the African Narrative through Creativity & to build a sustainable platform for all African Creatives #CreatNaijaFilmProduction #kenya #documentary #film #creativity #africa . The movies was premiered on 1st of May, 2021 in Abeokuta, Ogun state Nigeria.


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