Creat Naija started up as a resolve to get the African business hub more connected to the creative space. This is in a bid to create healthy symbiotic relationships between creative talents and businesses around Africa.

Creat! is a premier digital campus agency focused on serving the needs of many different types of companies seeking greater visibility online through a variety of Campus digital and marketing channels. Our original focus was strictly on Creative/Talent development consulting services. We quickly moved into campus marketing and agency brand, and have now evolved into a full-service Creativity record label firm providing expert solutions and integrated resources for Talents & Business Clients seeking premium service and expert advice designed to increase online visibility, traffic, and lead generation, and revenue.

Creat! is an independent creative label promoting African creative talents towards having the courage to live out their dreams.

Creat Naija currently has access to over 40 Nigerian campuses across 20 states in Nigeria. This empowers us to create a digital footprint, traction, and awareness for our community of talents and creatives.


  1. Over 1500 students campus ambassadors across Nigeria, Ghana, and  Kenya
  2. Radio OAPs, Content Creators, Tv Host, and Digital Marketers.
  3. Media, Event & Digital Experts
  4. Market Analyst & Product Marketers
  5. Business Management Team
  6. Serial Creative with an active network with over 40 celebrity networks and media houses.
  7.  Graphics Design, campaign and photography experts, and copywriters
  8. African ambassadors and Influencers.

Creat! is acclaimed to be the first creativity record label in Africa, because it does not only provides solutions to business clients but looks to build and sell the creative community of its young and innovative creatives to the world. Creat Naija wants to help creative talents get the success that they deserve by monetizing their craft and achieving their dreams.

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Are you interested in:

✓ A label that Discover, develop, and manage budding talents and transform them into

African stars.

✓ Tips and approaches from innovative creative professionals

✓ Practical information about how to become more playful and creative with your creative process

✓ The highly relatable strategy of how to scale professional challenges

✓ Joining us towards revolutionizing CREATIVITY in Africa

✓ How to use creativity to improve your work, your life, and your Team

✓ A networking platform to connect with other prospective Talents


Do these appeal to you? Then weigh in towards creating the desired future for all African creative and youths yet to find their path and voice.

We represent a community devoting its entire focus towards empowering cultural and creative business endeavors in Africa and bringing attention to the goals, attributes, and challenges of the African cultural and creative industry. The cultural and creative industries in Africa show great potential to accelerate economic growth and job creation visibility in Africa.

Furthermore, investment in the African creative industry is a catalyst for the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals in the African region. As a potential partner, you can tap into this progressive movement. You also get the possibility to showcase your brand as an innovative supporter of creative startups and you create valuable connections across sectors, industries, and neighboring borders.

We are confident that you can recognize the short, mid, and long-term value this presents to the African creative industry and will join us in taking this proactive step towards shaping the future of our dreams.

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CREAT! is creating a future where all access and bargaining powers are given to creatives and their royalties are earned easily. Our ideology is to change the African narratives.

Olamilekan Dauda,

Founder/CEO, Creat Creativity Limited.



David Ufuoma December 8, 2022

This is great. I would love to be part of this dream which is swiftly turning to a reality 💯

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