Content creation is a very tough job, but non-creatives can almost not relate. There’s this immense pressure on you to keep creating content because everyone thinks it’s easy, “is it not just to…”. Sometimes you do not know what to do.

Content Hack: Content Creation Simplified
Content Hack: Content Creation Simplified

This may come across as venting, but I don’t mind, I’m saying it anyway (writing it, for this context)

Imagine a creator that cannot create!

What is content creation?

It’s giving…

I share in this struggle, so let me tell you how I handled one of those episodes.

My weekend was relatively long and stressful. From a tailor messing up my pants to YouTube button-down shirt hacks that were not hacking, my zipper broke on my way to an event I was hosting on Sunday evening. The venue was interlocked, so my ankle suffered on those heels, and I went home with swollen feet.

A bed had never looked more beautiful, my brain had signed off for today.

The plan was to eat and sleep, that was before I saw the message from my team head. She had created a content roaster for the week and I was at the top of that table, giving me barely 72hours to create something exceptional. My predecessors have set the bar at excellence, so there were size 20 pants for me to fit my size 10 self. I cried in Emojis while screaming inside my head.

Content creation ideas

I still stuck to my plan, I ate and slept. I overslept.

The only thing on my mind when I woke up on Monday morning was, WHAT DO I WRITE?!

So close to a panic attack I launched into search engines for ideas, but all I found were either too conventional or lower than my taste.

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Creating a survey form came to mind, but my disposition was between worried and lazy so I trashed the idea.

For my next line of action, I sent out messages to some of my friends. I engaged three of them in an intense discussion on what to write, during one of these conversations I got a topic but I’m saving it for another day.

Between my search and discussions, I learned so much and decided to share my experience so you could learn too.

Welcome to Hacking Content Creation 101.

  •  Search! Search!! Search!!!

Utilize search engines as much as you can, this helps you figure out what people looking for on the web. The next content you create could be the treasure they’ve been seeking.

  • Talk to people!

You could chat or send messages or create forms for survey purposes. The plan is to reach into their minds and know what kind of content they would want to engage in.

  •  Trend tables!

Is social media a joke to you? Dear content creator, Jump on that moving train. Trend tables on social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, provide with you 1001 topics.

What are people talking about?

What topic currently captures their interests?

The trend table on most social media apps would answer these questions, providing you with a wide variation of topics from entertainment, to lifestyle, to politics. Trust me the trend table has so much to offer.

  •  Have you seen yourself?!

I believe a man’s life is his greatest inspiration.

“Everything is content, everything is content” if you spend time going through Instagram reels like me, you would know this sound.

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Every of your experience is content! Tell stories out of it, write articles, do a song, make a video.

You are a bank of content, explore it!

These might not be the best hacks, but they sure are productive.

Thank you for coming to my masterclass, which is a pep talk and also a venting session. You can always contact the Creat team for any type of content creation, as we can be your content creation agency.

This article was written by Suzanneh, a Creat content team member.

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