Sequel to a published article on the Importance of Networking and Building Social Capital where we highlighted the role of social capital in improving careers, solving societal problems, improving relationships, maintaining shared objectives, and taking collective actions toward our future. (Click here if you missed the story). We present to you the maiden edition of Africa’s Future Empowerment Conference (AFEC).

As Africa’s first Creativity Record Label, Creat! Naija understands the importance of networking and the roles it plays in career advancement, hence, at Creat! Naija, one of our core values and culture is to constantly provide an avenue for networking and cross-breeding of creatives and budding entrepreneurs across Africa. 

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In line with this culture, we present to you, Africa’s Future Empowerment Conference (AFEC) slated to take place on the 8th of October 2022 @ D’PODIUM, IKEJA, LAGOS. 

Africa’s Future Empowerment Conference (AFEC)

AFEC, packaged by Creat! Naija is envisioned to be an annual event that would bring together the best minds in various youth-driven industries. This event presents a unique interactive platform for building African youths’ capacity and creating synergy between African businesses and empowered African youths.

This exclusive event is organized to bring together experts and entrepreneurs from all walks of life,  creating a platform to discuss 21st-century pressing topical issues such as Business, Tech, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Creativity, Health and well-being, Education, self-development, Finance, politics, Social interactions, and Networking. 

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AFEC’s vision is for the youths to rise and step into the shoes of our ancestors, to influence, inspire and empower their current generation and the one after.


The Proposed AFEC  will be packed with lots of interesting moments such as Idea pitching, Product showcases by diverse brands, Talent and Skill competitions, Presentation of Awards to professional and influential role models in society, Awards to the best students in different selected schools,  Certification, etc. 

Personalities & Industries

AFEC and Creat! Naija has succeeded in bringing together a highly-profiled list of guests who have stood the test of time and are leading experts in their areas of expertise: The Film Industry, Creativity Industry,  Girl Child Initiatives, Tech & Digital Product Industry, Communication Industry, Business Industry, Sports & Games, Organizations, Arts & Media Industry, Art & Handcrafts Industry—this is to ensure quality and a historical event that connects major role models of industries and their beaming mentees. 


In line with AFEC’s vision, which is “to educate and empower grass-root African youths on the importance of finding their purpose, voice, harnessing their potential and contributing to the development and progress of the motherland”. This event aims to attract a youthful audience from different walks of life who believe in giving their voice and potential to the development and progress of Africa. You are coming to interact and network with; 

  • Social, spontaneous, energetic, proactive, and adventure seekers.
  • Tech savvy and early adopters of new trends.
  • Individuals with an affinity for engaging and rewarding youth-centric brands. 
  • Fun-loving, fashionable, and focused youths. 

What You Stand To Gain From AFEC

Africa’s Future Empowerment Conference is a brainchild of Rudolf Brenyah, a highly profiled individual who believes that Africa is our home and no matter where the journey of life leads to in the quest for greener pastures, we must return to invest our wealth of knowledge at home.  

For Brands

  • Opportunity to showcase/market your product or services to a youthful audience of about 20,000 individuals, participating physically and digitally.
  • Access to a highly digitally inclined generation, that is tech savvy and understands the power of social media. 
  • Access to youths who have so much interest in entertainment, fashion, beauty, networking, electronic gadgets, commuting services, and a whole lot more convenience that comes with online shopping/e-commerce.

For The General Participants

Apart from serving as a networking hub for every participant, AFEC offers you the opportunity to share in their vision and mission of revolutionizing Africa, by empowering youths. The general audience will have the opportunity to listen to government leaders, Heads of corporate organizations, NGOs, Business and Tech Entrepreneurs, African students, Creative experts, and individuals interested in the new African youth development. 

Participating in this event gives you access to the following; 

  • Tried and tested ways that suggest innovation and creativity have a positive impact in Africa. 
  • Tips and approaches from innovative business and creative professionals 
  • Practical information about how to become more playful and creative in the workplace.
  • Highly relatable stories of how our speakers overcame their professional challenges.
  • Joining AFEC towards revolutionizing Africa.
  • A networking platform to connect with other prospective youths and startups.
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Future Events

With the mission to educate and empower grass-root African youths on the importance of finding their purpose, and voice, harnessing their potential, and contributing to the development and progress of the motherland. AFEC is not stopping after the Nigerian event. It will be holding its conference in other African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Tanzania. This is to encourage discourse that promotes innovation around Africa. 


AFEC is a unique opportunity for African youths, creative minds, innovative thinkers, and industries/businesses in Africa to come together and interact for the future of Africa, with the youths at the heart of this discussion- bringing attention to the goals, attributes, and challenges of the African youths. As a participant, attending the conference empowers you with the platform to interact with top industry players through a mix of Market place exhibitions, inspirational sessions, Panel discussions, cultural displays, and entertainment in IKEJA, LAGOS.
We firmly believe that partnering with or sponsoring this event will add a lot of new prospective prospects to your list of clients.

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