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The HIVE Sports Leagues and Creat Naija Announces Partnership

Wednesday, 19th April 2023

The HIVE Sports Leagues and Creat Naija Announce Partnership to Promote Sports and Creativity in Nigeria

The HIVE Sports Leagues (@hive.leagues), a leading sports and recreation organization in Lagos, Nigeria, and Creat Naija (, a Pan-African Creative Agency, are thrilled to announce their partnership to promote sports and creativity in Nigeria.

The HIVE Sports League is known for its expertise in sports and recreation and its commitment to promoting wellness, personal growth, and social connections through sports and other recreational activities. Creat Naija, on the other hand, is renowned for its capacity to design and carry out imaginative campaigns that compel viewers to take action.

Together, they aim to increase engagement with a sizable segment of Nigerian youths and the working class. The HIVE Sports Leagues will be able to give sports fans incredible opportunities with the aid of football and other thrilling sports and leisure activities, while Creat Naija will provide creative solutions to promote these activities and engage the public.

“We are excited to partner with Creat Naija to bring innovative and engaging sports and recreational activities to the people of Nigeria,” said the spokesperson for The HIVE Sports Leagues. “We believe this partnership will enable us to reach more people and promote wellness, personal growth, and social connections through sports and other recreational activities.”

“We are thrilled to partner with The HIVE Sports Leagues to create value for corporate organizations and businesses with needs for experiential marketing, branding, and product engagement, in addition to helping the general public,” said the spokesperson for Creat Naija. “We believe that this partnership will have a big impact and raise the bar for excellence in the fields of creativity, sports, and recreation.”

The HIVE Sports Leagues and Creat Naija are devoted to successful and productive cooperation as the two most aspirational organizations in their respective fields of interest. They look forward to working together to create excellent value through these innovative collaborations.

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For more information on The HIVE Sports Leagues and Creat Naija, please visit their websites or follow them on social media.

Chuks Amahia,
Creative Director, Creat NG.

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